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Discover the exciting world of master Teen Patti APK, your gateway to one of the most engaging Master Teen Patti experiences online. Get ready to delve into the Master Teen Patti APK Download, a process so simple and quick that you’ll have the app up and running in no time.

To begin your journey with the Master Teen Patti Apk game, simply click the ‘Download Now’ button above to obtain the Master Teen Patti APK file.


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Easy Installation of Master Teen Patti APK

  1. Start the Download: Click on the ‘Download Now’ button to initiate the Master Teen Patti APK download.
  2. Visit the Official Website: Proceed to the official Master Teen Patti Apk website to download the APK file.
  3. Install on Your Device: After downloading, locate the file in your phone’s download folder and install the Master Teen Patti APK on your mobile device

App Overview

App Name Master Teen Patti 
Teen Patti Master Get Link  Click here
sign up Bonus ₹1550
Referral Commission ₹20 per refer + 30% Commission
Minimum Withdrawal Limit 1000₹
Maximum Withdrawal Limit 1,50,000₹ in One Day

Easy Sign-Up Process in Master Teen Patti APK

  1. Download and Install: Make sure you’ve downloaded and installed the Master Teen Patti APK on your phone.
  2. Create an Account: Use your mobile number to create an account, or sign up using your Facebook account for quick access.
  3. Enter OTP: If registering with your mobile number, enter the OTP sent to your phone to verify your account.
  4. Ready to Play: Once your account is set up, you’re all set to indulge in your favorite games in the Master Teen Patti apk.

Earning Free Cash in Master Teen Patti APK

Once your free cash balance hits Rs. 100 in Master Teen Patti Apk, you can easily withdraw it.

Encourage your friends to play Master Teen Patti Apk. For each friend who plays, earn random bonuses between Rs. 20-50. Plus, receive a Rs. 200 bonus when a referred member makes a recharge. Remember, this offer is valid only for new device users.

Adding Money in Master Teen Patti Apk


To add money to your Master Teen Patti Apk account, first open the Master Teen Patti APK and locate the ‘ADD CASH’ button in the right corner.

Enjoy lucrative bonuses when you add cash to your account. For instance:

  • Add Rs. 100, get a total of Rs. 107 (7% bonus)
  • Deposit Rs. 300, receive Rs. 347 (17% bonus)
  • Increase to Rs. 500, and get Rs. 610 (22% bonus), and so forth up to a 30% bonus on larger amounts.

Withdrawing Your Earnings in Master Teen Patti Apk

Simple Withdrawal Steps:

  1. Click the ‘Withdraw’ button.
  2. Select either UPI or BANK for the transfer.
  3. If UPI, enter your UPI ID; for bank transfers, fill in your bank details (name, account number, IFSC code).
  4. Confirm the details and enter the withdrawal amount.
  5. Proceed with the withdrawal and receive your money in your account within minutes.


Refer and Earn with Master Teen Patti APK:

Find the ‘Refer and Earn’ option, sign in with your mobile number, and complete OTP verification to create your referral account. Use the Master Teen Patti APK to generate your unique referral link.

Earning through Referrals:

  • Receive an instant Rs. 50 bonus when a friend registers through your link.
  • Earn a 30% commission when they play and recharge their account.
  • Continue earning a commission as your referred friends actively play or recharge.


FAQs about Master Teen Patti APK 

1) Assistance with Recharging:-

Issue Resolution: If you encounter problems during recharge due to network or server issues, and don’t receive money within 3 hours, use the ‘Recharge Help’ feature.

Process: Upload a screenshot of your recharge and enter your 12-digit Transaction ID for assistance. Rest assured, any deducted amount will be credited back to your game ID promptly.

2) Utilizing the GULLAK Bonus:-

Earning Bonuses: Complete three specific tasks to receive your bonus, which will be stored in your GULLAK.

Using GULLAK Cashback: 10% of your losses in the game will be converted into cashback if you have a bonus in your GULLAK. For example, if your GULLAK contains a bonus of Rs. 100, and you lose Rs. 500 in a game, you can find Rs. 50 in cash and Rs. 50 as a bonus in your GULLAK, which you can then withdraw.

ID Support

Retrieving Previous ID: If you find yourself with a new ID and wish to access your previous one, attempt to log in with the mobile number associated with your old ID. If the old ID does not appear, further assistance from customer support may be required.


The renowned Master Teen Patti APK is available for free download. This card game stands out for its user-friendly interface, enjoyable gameplay, and a variety of features that cater to both new and experienced players. You can easily download the app and start playing by following our detailed guide.




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